Available Positions



We are looking for an experienced Associate to be part of our Global Operations team. The Associate ensures the safety and security of all staff and visitors by providing a pro-active security function. This includes facilitation of emergency incidents by following standard operating procedures (SOP). Efficient control and management of all relevant information and assets. Performing monitoring, audit and maintenance functions of security related systems / hardware, investigative functions and report writing will be required.

Minimum requirements

  • 2 Years’ experience in corporate security or operations centre environment
  • Diploma or Degree in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Legal, Intelligence Systems
  • PSIRA Grade C minimum
  • Experience in the facilitation and coordination of emergency services as well as crisis management,
  • Monitoring a range of systems, internal platforms, and applications e.g CCTV, Two -Way Radios, and fixed line telephone,
  • Advanced computer skills (MS Suite)
  • Practical experience in security and intelligence research and report writing an added advantage.


  • Monitor alarms and maintain audit contact list for access cards
  • Investigate and report any security incidents and/or breaches,
  • Report of any hardware, network or system faults with alarm system in accordance with the set procedures,
  • Monitoring of the CCTV system(s) as well as conducting of quarterly audits,
  • Monitoring of local and international news and media streams and any other platforms
  • Monitor, log and direct any emergency calls in accordance with the set SOP
  • Conduct daily system check on the radio system with Operations Centre and Security Officers.
  • Collaborate and aid client’s access control and credential management team in housing, upkeep and use the security badge printer,
  • Conduct seamless shift handovers,
  • Use dedicated chat group to communicate with clients and GSOC and for passing down of shift change information.


  • Highest levels of integrity and reliability,
  • Sound problem-solving and decision-making ability,
  • Strong customer focus (external and internal) and industry knowledge,
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision,
  • Proactive, assertive, resourceful, intuitive, self-starter and goal driven,,
  • Highly resilient,
  • Critical thinking in a dynamic environment and being able to multitask,
  • Hard working, results and process driven,
  • Strong attention to details,
  • Ability to work in a highly pressurised environment.

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We seek the expertise of an analyst to provide a pro-active support function to the department.  Identify early warning risks related to possible threats or environment change in areas where our clients or teams travel to or stay / operate. The Analyst will be expected to monitor real-time events in the region, prioritise situations of potential concern to our clients and staff, assets and reputation and draft a well-written, tactically focused report with minimal supervision. The Analyst will be responsible for providing timely, accurate, and relevant information to critical decision-makers through formal reporting channels and provide situational awareness reports to senior management.

Min Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline (preferably Political Science, International Relations, International Security, or cultural/social/regional studies)
  • OR equivalent verifiable and demonstrable experience.
  • Proficiency in English (oral, written, speaking)
  • Strong analytical skills with fast paced critical thinking ability
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Exemplary written and oral communication
  • Confidence is dealing directly with senior management
  • Team player with a pro-active approach to independent workflows
  • Able to receive direct feedback and respond effectively
  • Excellent interpersonal and soft skills
  • Time management and organizational skills, with ability to prioritize time-sensitive issues
  • Highly proficient in using IT


  • Intelligence data analysis
  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Assisting Senior Analyst and Analyst
  • Teamwork
  • General

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Close Protection Agent:

Our close protection agents are responsible for the physical security and welfare of our clients, working both locally and abroad.  There are stringent requirements to ensure we are providing only the most highly skilled operatives who will continually work towards both personal and professional development.

Minimum requirements include:

  • 3 years working in corporate protective services
  • SASETTA accredited formal CPO qualification
  • Valid FPOS or similar first aid qualification
  • Business competency for the use of a firearm
  • Training certified and current in advanced driving, weapons use and close quarter combat
  • Driver’s license and PDP
  • Valid PSIRA registration (minimum Grade C)
  • Knowledge of firearm control
  • SAPS firearm competency certificate


Thorough assessments of physical fitness, driving and weapons competencies will apply to successful candidates

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Tactical Officers:

The primary function of our tactical officers is to conduct regular patrols specific to the client’s residences and or office locations. Continually look out for suspicious objects or suspicious people and keep a close watch on and provide timeous reports.

Successful candidates will be able to pro-actively assess, identify and mitigate threats, conduct venue checks,

and to liaise with local enforcement if necessary.

Minimum requirements include:

  • High school qualification Minimum Grade 11 (pass)/Higher
  • Applicable training for the role of a tactical response officer
  • Business competency for the use of a firearm
  • Training certified and current in advanced driving, weapons use, close quarter combat and first aid
  • Driver’s license and PDP
  • Valid PSIRA registration
  • Knowledge of firearm control
  • SAPS firearm competency certificate

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Shift Lead at our 24 hour Operation Centre.:

Our Global Security Operations Centre, is a vital lifeline to all active field operations and it operates with the utmost dedication to promptly delivering operationally relevant information that is both expeditious and highly effective, serving the best interests of our esteemed clients and personnel. We foster seamless coordination with external entities, including partners such as law enforcement, medical services, and civilian response units, to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

Our Shift Lead will be entrusted to Manage the shift and ensure the safety and security of all our clients and staff worldwide by providing a pro-active support function, through identifying early warning risks and possible threats in areas where clients and teams travel, stay or operate.

Minimum requirements:
·       5 years’ experience in a security industry ideally a GSOC /JOC.
·       Degree: Security Risk Management, Political Science, Intelligence Systems, Emergency Systems, International Relations,                          Criminology or related.
·       PSIRA certified (Grade A minimum) and business handgun competency.
·       Experience in the facilitation and coordination of emergency services as well as crisis management.
·       Experience with use of technology platforms to track and secure company and client’s assets.
·       Practical experience in security, social media and intelligence research

Mandatory skills:
·       Effectively coordinate and facilitate security control management.
·       Provide accurate and value-add travel advisory and threat assessments reports.
·       Emergency response and Incident management
·       Process driven and compliance
·       Effectively communicate with the relevant law enforcement agencies/authorities in country to verify security related incidents              and events on different platforms.
·       Ensure completion and submission of accurate and detailed Incident reports
·       Ability to review analytical reports and security assessments.
·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
·       Sound problem-solving and decision-making ability.
·       Strong customer focus and industry knowledge.
·       Highest levels of integrity and reliability.
·       Exceptional analytical skills.
·       Ability to work independently.
·       Proactive, assertive, resourceful, intuitive, self-starter and goal driven.
·       Highly resilient.
·       Highest levels of customer service (external and internal).
·       Strong attention to details.
·       Analytical and understanding of intelligence structures. CSMP/CPP/ISMP certification an advantage

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