Secure Drive South Africa is a security service orientated towards clients who require secure transfers or chauffeur services without the full range of professional and support services offered by a protective agent or team. It is ideal for clients whose risk profiles may not warrant a full protection detail, but who are nonetheless exposed to potential safety or security risks, or who may be traveling in unfamiliar countries or cities.

While Secure Drive services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of clients, it is typically used for point-to-point transfers and full-or-half-day assignments. All of our Secure Drive personnel are registered with PSIRA and other relevant regulatory authorities and are licensed to transport passengers. As with our protective agents, Secure Drive personnel are also subject to rigorous recruitment criteria and receive intensive training in advanced and defensive driving skills and basic security skills.
Advantages of the Secure Drive service include the following:
  • The service is delivered by competent, professional and experienced personnel who are familiar with local conditions and requirements.
  • In addition to advanced driving skills, our drivers are trained in basic first aid, hijack prevention training and basic motor mechanics.
  • It provides a cost-effective solution for clients that do not wish to rely on public transport or private drivers that may not be fully competent or compliant with local transport regulations.
  • It is a seamless service that integrates security and logistical requirements, such as vehicle hire and airport meet-and-greet services.
  • In jurisdictions that permit it, the Secure Drive service can include passenger arrivals and departures facilitation services.
  • Secure Drive can cater for individuals and groups.
  • A wide selection of vehicles available


Secure Drive services in Africa are provided by experienced personnel who have former police or security experience and who are able to bring expertise of local conditions to bear. Secure Drive services in Africa are directly managed through our Johannesburg office.

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