Protective Agents

Our Protective Agents undergo an intensive selection process that includes background checks, psychometric evaluation, and an assessment of ‘hard’ skills including driving, physical fitness and proficiency in armed and unarmed protection skills. We only recruit staff that have proven competency, both physical and mental, to deal with the ever changing threats and challenges faced in global environments. Our staff have all proven themselves time and time again, through field experience in challenging or hostile environments. 

Regardless of the environment in which our clients operate or the level of security requirements, our protective services are geared to provide you with professional, peace-of-mind solutions to identify and mitigate risks. This is reflected both in our commitment to training and the range of core competencies that all Protective Agents are required to meet:
  • Weapons competency.
  • Unarmed combat.
  • Advanced driving.
  • Combat medical training.
  • Emergency medical support.
  • Threat analysis and response.
  • Advanced operational planning.
  • Hostile environment survival.
  • Crisis response evacuation assistance.
  • Protection diplomacy (confidentiality, discretion and other protocol and etiquette requirements).
  • Vehicle, office and residential assessments.
  • Regulatory compliance and legal frameworks.

Operational Support

When it comes to planning and implementing protection assignments and projects, the Arcfyre Group is committed to absolute and non-negotiable attention to detail. This attention to detail has become an integral part of our corporate DNA and something our clients have come to value, it ensures that we assist clients to control and predict as much of their environment as is possible, while having effective contingencies to deal with unforeseen events.

Our operational and logistics support services include a network of local partners in all countries where the Arcfyre Group operates – incorporating the following:
  • Advance reconnaissance and preparation.
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Threat identification and analysis.
  • Flight tracking.
  • Testing of vehicles and equipment.
  • Liaison with relevant local services and agencies.
  • Liaison with foreign embassies.
  • Arranging expediting services at airport.

Security Operations Centre

Arcfyre Groups Security Operations Centre (SOC) operates on a 24/7 basis and provides critical support to field operations through the collection, monitoring and analysis of  intelligence and events around the world. The centre plays a key role in supporting select clients in routine risk monitoring and reporting, as well as crisis and emergency  management.

Our mission is to provide fast, effective and valuable updates promptly and adequately to clients and personnel, as well as coordinating any external factors, such  as law enforcement etc. 

Event Protection and Security

The Arcfyre Group has assisted many corporate clients in the design, planning and implementation of security and travel requirements required for conferences, team-building, marketing and other corporate events. We provide comprehensive, concierge-style services that include protective agents, secure transfers, emergency paramedic personnel, airport collections, expediting services, and liaison officers. In addition, we assist in venue assessment and screening, travel planning, security threat monitoring and crisis and disaster management planning.

In addition to corporate events, the Arcfyre Group has experience in providing security services related to major sporting events, such as the FIFA 2010 World Cup, concerts, and other large events.

Family Protection

We understand that it may be of little value to protect high-profile executives if their families are left vulnerable and exposed to risk. In particular, we are cognizant of the following concerns:
  • Studies conducted in the USA and Europe indicate that the loss of a close family member of a top executive can have a significant impact on the company, operationally and financially.
  • Family members are often seen as ‘soft targets’. In some areas there appears to be an emerging trend for criminals to target the family members of executives for kidnapping, extortion or other criminal actions.
  • Family members themselves often feel vulnerable and exposed in unfamiliar and potentially unsafe environments. This can have a negative effect on quality of family life and hence impact on satisfaction in the work environment.
The Arcfyre Group works with a range of global relocation firms to plan and implement cost-effective security solutions to ensure the safety and security of executives’ family members. These services include assistance in selection of accommodation, residential risk assessments, school assessments, route planning, and the provision of professional but discrete protection services.In addition, our protective personnel provide a ‘transfer of skills’ programme for those wanting to ultimately drive themselves, which is possible after understanding local conditions, road related risks and preventative measure and driving advice.

Our protective agents that are assigned to family protection duties have all received specific training in discrete protection and interaction with families, including child-minding programs.

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